Projector file accessing the net and local files

Hi all,
I’ve been looking everywhere for the last week for a solution to this and haven’t found one yet.

The short version:
I have a projector file that has a simple call

loadMovieNum("", 0);

It appears to work fine until I try to load a swf file (located on our sever) into a Loader component. It’s not that I can’t access the internet because other files are pulled in. I do use other components though, so it’s not that I am not loading that component.

The long version:
Our company has a product that is used in school computer labs. If we have 25 kids trying to access the internet to get our FLVs it would choke their T1 line. So we decided to put the FLVs locally on thier hard drives and have them still access the smaller swf files from the internet in case we need to update them. It worked great with Flash Player 8. But now FP9 restricts ANY network swf from accessing the local drive because of it’s new security settings. So I decided to make it a projector file that would call in the original opener swf. Since the projector ignores the security rules. But I still can’t access the hard drive files (FLVs), nor files (SWF) that re displayed through a Loader Component.

I know it’s a long read but I really need some help.


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Might want to look into a 3rd party flash projector tool to handle the grabbing / loading of local or non-local items. One I’ve been fond of is:

It allows for a number of system capable methods to be used within flash.

Hope this helps