Projector Issues Mac/PC

Anyone can help…
I need advice again.
I tried to place my flash movie on a CD.
I placed the mac projector,
I placed the .exe file,
I placed the text file in simpletext as follows;
The name of the movie was index…index.exe
the text file read

When I put the items on the cd I did it like this
I placed the mac projector in a folder
I changed the mac projector to image icon relavent to my site,
then I placed the .exe file along with the simpletext file in the same
folder the mac projector is in.
when I tried it on a mac I had to open the icon on the computer which was of the cd then the folder then the mac projector…I do realize I could skip the folder and just copy all three items straight into the cd…but that still should not affect the way it works.
For the pc then I placed the cd in it and nothing occured I had to go into the cd icon I tried to click on the .exe file but it did not recognize the program.
Then I clicked on the mac projector and that worked. I think because this pc
had the flash player on its HD so that was what worked on both the mac and the pc.

My question is what is incorrect or did I miss any thing …on the pc what was supposed to happen instead?


:puzzled: :-\ :puzzled: :-\