Proposed (Minor-ish) Redesign

Hi everybody - it has been a while since we had a redesign on the site (and the forums), so I am sharing some ideas here:

The forums will similarly be cleaned up a bit. After many rounds of forum upgrades, some of the newer UI isn’t styled correctly. It is time to change that as well.

Feel free to leave any thoughts on the design here or on Twitter :grinning:


Something about the visible-from-space headings and the empty space from removing the third column seems off to me.

What did you have in mind for the space you gained by removing that column?

That is a very fair point. One common thing I can do is keep the third column and have it display a TOC for the content in the page. I can have it not be sticky, so it gets scrolled away after the user keeps reading.

Visually, I agree with you. Either we have three columns or one column. The two column look is jarring and against the historical appearance of the site.

Thanks for calling this out and making sure this wasn’t just a “me imagining” things thing haha.

@krilnon - after noodling more about this, I’m going to start with this approach and add more later! No secondary nav. No additional columns.

Hi guys

I think some of the visual cluter comes from having all white. You could separate some areas with a very subtle tone - top bar, left nav…?
Another thing is having the font in the left nav at the same size as the main contect. It could be smaller.
And the left nav could change to just a nice TOC symbol once you start scrolling.

If people are not finding what they want, and your search “engine” is good, maybe you could give more highlight to the search bar.

The problem with the right bar is that it seems advertising - despite the hand note there.
You could change that to a “goodies” thing or maybe a contest where somebody could win a book in a fair to you and to them way - if they subscribe, for instance (me included : )
And then you would make a live lottery or a lottery tutorial where te winner would be known.

And I’m with @krilnon, if I understand him right, I think you could throw the right column more to the right, and a bit down. And the left more to the left.
The main content could go down a bit too.

Not sure if you will like this - it has some years - but you can see a lot of content and some of the examples I mention. (sorry for the auto grabing : )

The Fresh & New could also have more punch. It can be bigger.

Hope it helps
All the best

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@ridesirat - thanks for the detailed feedback. What you suggest makes a lot of sense. I’m going to start to by removing a lot of the UI first and then gradually adding elements back in.

Making changes to the site’s appearance is very straightforward, so we can kinda do it live and break things along the way :slight_smile:

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