Prosciutto panini

I’ve been making this sandwich for friends for a while… they really like it… i thought i’d post my recipe here and see how many “what is prosciutto” questions arrise…

A panini is a thin gourmet sandwich… like what you’d find in a coffee shop or a slotchky’s deli…

[]3-4 slices of **very thinly **sliced prosciutto… i use boars head.
]bagged shredded italian cheeses… like kraft or strore brand…
[]pesto… the traditional basil kind…
]dry hard finely grated cheeses[size=-1](parmesan oregiano, [/size][size=-1]romano, assiago,etc.) you can get these in a mixed jar…[/size]
[][size=-1]tomato sliced thin[/size]
][size=-1]l****eaf lettuce… really anything but that iceburg crap.[/size]
[][size=-1]artisan bread… you can find this in your local grocery’s bakery section… its a fancy type of bread that has little goodies in it like cheese or herbs… get it sliced thinner than your normal bread slice. about 3/8th inch.[/size]
][size=-1]Extra virgin olive oil[/size]
[/list] **Direction
** [list=1]
[]Lightly crisp the prosciutto in a non-stick skillet, and set aside… preheat oven to 300.
]Pour about 1tsp of olive oil into the skillet on med-hi… along with 1tsp of pesto and a sprinkling of hard cheeses… spread it out and place the bread slices on top… be careful because the pesto will pop and hiss and attack you… grill the bread on one side until its lightly brown.
[]Coat the foil with nonstick spray or olive oil… place the bread slices on the foil grilled side down… layer one side with prosciutto and the italian cheese, the other side with tomato, pesto, and hard cheeses…
]Toast in oven for about 5 minutes or until cheese browns on foil. take out… and join the halves… with some leaf lettuce in the middle. Slice down the middle and ENJOY!!!

I know this thread is dumb… i apologize…