Protected movies

I Downloaded a button animation (swf file) because I liked it and I wanted to examine it myself, but when I tried to open the animation a dialogue message appeared saying that it cannot open a protected movie. How can I take a look at the file to analyse and modify it if cant open it?

Please reply Im very interested about flash animation

Well you can’t open it in Flash if it is protected for one. Which I think you found out:P

For two, if you open a .swf file you won’t be able to analyze much. If you import a .swf file into flash you will only get a frame by frame animation, you won’t see any AS or any of the workings behind the animation.

You need the .fla to find out how it works.

Hope this info helps ya:)

yeah thank you, Ill have to make a button myself.


I think there are programs that convert swfs to flas as best they can (atleast my friend says so). But I can only see these programs doing evil. :-\

Yes, they are called decompilers. They do exist.

There was sort of a debate in another thread about that because I said I didn’t agree with them because it is easy to steal peoples work and everyone else came back at me that they were good.

I agree they are good if you are trying to recover a file and for some reason you lose the .fla or it becomes damaged somehow. Then you could just open up your Decompiler and open the .swf file.

But decompilers can also be used on other people work on the web. This is what I don’t agree with. Unless you get permission from the person who originally created the .swf file (if it is on a site and not downloaded like your button) then to me it is stealing.

Ups and Downs I tell ya, decide what you like I suppose.