Protools and Flash


Any audio experts here? :h:

I have imported an audio file in Flash MX.
The file was modified in Protools LE.
From Protools, I have bounced the file to my disc
in 8 bits / 44.1 Khz.

When I listen to the converted audio file,
everything sounds perfect. When I add the
file in my Flash movie (in streaming mode)
and I listen to it from the timeline, it seems fine also.
But when I export my movie in SWF or I publish it
with the Audio Raw setting, the sound has “tics” in it…
about 5 “tics” a second… loud “tics”.

Any ideas what can cause this problem? :
The 8 bits / 44 Khz bounce to disc from Protools?
The Export settings in Flash?

I’m a bit confused :cyclops:

Thanks ! :slight_smile: