Sound distortion problems !?

I have realized the sounds I create sounds a bit different when heard in the exported flash movie.

I´m used to test sounds after importing and all of them match perfectly the original.
I created a basic sound of wind instrument , something like a recorder flute ( that means no atack at all ).
Once exported and heard by the swf it sounds awfull .
The very smooth sound becomes plosive with a certain amount of attack and distortion.

I´ve been working with .wav files (the reported happened with imported .wav files) and avoided mp3 because when I edit mp3 for loops , I don´t get any precision at both ends ;
I edit the mp3 to loop continuously without gaps but just after saving it is added at both ends of sound undesired
blanks what breaks continuity.

Any hint will be highly appreciated.



I do’nt know anything about sound in Flash, but sound distortion means that the frequency of sampling (I don’t know how to call that in English) is to low. Maybe if you can increase it…
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That makes sense , the word for that is sampling rate.
However , before posting any message , I tried every possibilities , even absurd ones ;
I saved new sounds with 96 khz sampling rate with a bit depth of 24 bits , that´s too much and wavs file become very large , but even so the @#%$ distortion remained.
Thank you anyway for your reply.

Are you sure it wasn’t there BEFORE ? I mean the distorsion.

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I have this problem too.
The distortion appears only when exported to swf… @#%$.


Haven´t understood you meant : Are you sure it wasn’t there BEFORE ? I mean the distorsion.
I realized distortion the very first time I added sound to a basic button and so far I haven´t discovered what solves that trouble.
As stated I tried higher sampling rates/bit depths and different kinds of sounds ; it results the same no matter what kind of sound I export , distortion is there.

Like ** I** said:
The distortion appears ** ONLY** when exported to swf!
Anyway, anyone has a solution for it?
I guess you need to make the sound in a certain format or something… But what?

Exactly , only when exported !
If you test the sound on the library you´ll hear as fine as you created.
The certain format as you say that´s a good question;
Does anyone here has the answer ?