PS question

Im not sure if i can explin this question.

But see i opened my 3-D spike wierd strnge image and it has a black background i want to change it so i can have it a diffrent background but the SPike image still be there.

You can do this by setting your magic wand to a real low tolerance and selecting areas of black then using your paint bucket or cuttin out the areas. You can use the extract method, go filter>>>extract, outline the area then fill it to keep it, then press okay. You can do a replace color Adjustments>>Replace color (I have not had good success with this one)…Someone else may have better methods. Post the picture and I will tell you how I would do it.

Yea magic wand is what I would use.

Heya 3d-iva, how do I change the background color for when I export in a film format in 3ds max?

It worked great thanks so much.

Another way, and has much more control over the magic wand is “color range”. With this tool you will get more control on making selections. But keep in mind just cause you want to change a color doesn’t always me you have to trash the layer. Remember there are some really powerful tools in the layers palette located on the bottom. Once example to use: Say a photo you took was too dark, and you needed to lighted it up. Most of the time people use levels. Most people don’t even know about curves or stray away from its complexity. Curves is levels on steriods. Same way as color range is too magic wand. If you have anymore questions. I would be glad to help you out…!