Pseudorandom crashes in Flash Debugger - My bad, or Adobe's?

I’m working on a large-size dual AS3/Flex project (some parts are pure AS3, other parts are Flex), and I’m experiencing a lot of Flash Debugger crashes.

These crashes aren’t completely random - it seems like I can get them to occur with greater consistency when I perform certain actions in my app. However, at the same time, they aren’t consistently repeatable - sometimes a set of actions causes my app to crash, and other times, the same steps execute fine without a crash.

I have two questions (carefully worded to remove my personal bias :slight_smile: )

  1. Are these crashes due to my coding practices, or Adobe’s Flash Debugger?

  2. When I deploy my app on a web site and access it via Flash Player, should I expect the same crashes to occur, or is Flash Player considerably more resilient than Flash Debugger?

Thanks so much, all! :slight_smile: