Psp screen refresh problem?

1st lemme say sorry if this is in the worng place…

im having problems with my psp again.i put ALOT of jpg content on my psp speciall babe mags and mangas on it and im having a problem that every 4-6 pages deep, the screen would stay blurry. at first i thought that it was prolly cause the jpgs i was putting in my psp were of Ttoo high quality. so then when i started to upload the already formatted images i still had the same problem.

i even took the stuff i down loaded from other PSP content only sites and ran them through psphoto (psp imge converter) and made them to 40% resolution which is the lowest i could get with descent res. and still the same thing.

i returned the system for another @ my local eb and then it worked fine up until a few days ago when i was in the can reading one of the mags, i noticed that one of my images wasnt refreshed all the way and stayed blurry again.

is n e 1 else having these problems or is it just me?