PSP Skin Challenge

[size=4][color=red]Contest is now Over. Vote for the best skin.[/color][/size]

This is for anyone interested. If there isn’t more than 4 people, the challenge is off. Later on, a poll will be added. Either post in this thread or pm me if you want to be in. This first post will be edited frequently for updates such as challengers. Post pictures here. I will try to make a gallery for voting. If there are any questions just post here.

**OBJECT: **Make your own skin for a PSP.

RULES: Must be original.

  • Use skin provided.
  • Must use front skin.
  • Can not skin speaker, words, icons, lights (next to words & icons).
  • Exeptions: You could change the buttons and logos to your liking. And you can change the screen to have a logo or game or w/e. But not skin.
  • Only 1 submition per person. Anyone who submits more than one will be disqualified.

THEME: Anything appropriate.

DEADLINE: Wednesday, June 15, 2005.

Challengers: [color=red]Red[/color] are challengers that submitted and black are challengers that didn’t submit (yet!).

  • dr_vroeg
  • [color=red]Steven_jd[/color]
  • [color=red]transmogrify[/color]
    [color=black]- [/color][color=red]ElectricGrandpa[/color]
  • [color=red]prettyboy[/color]
  • [color=red]hybrid101[/color]
  • [color=red]maniaci[/color]
  • [color=red]maccie[/color]
    [color=#ff0000][color=black]-[/color] creativeskills[/color]
    [color=black]- fasterthanlight[/color]
  • [color=red]ieatrulers[/color]

Picture: All you need to do is copy and paste. Use picture as template.