Challenge me!

Ok, I’m looking to improve my ps skillz (whut). What I often ask my friends is to think of something for me to make, and then I do it. Unfortuneately, only one or two of my friends really have any skills in photoshop - so the list of things dried up pretty quick. Now, I turn to you oh mighty kirupians - give me something to make!

All suggestions will be considered.

thare ya go m8 =)

ah haa haa bloody awesome do something like that- or go to and make some sort of awesome BG using UJ- particularly with out a shirt because he is ubber dreamy like that.

mmmm and his bare chest is HOT!!!

eilsøe: et voila! I gave him two.

Genova: ?? I’m thinking something like you say to me “make a realistic pen in photoshop” or something like that.

>>no offense, but I’d prefer a bg on Gwen Stefani or something… not uncle-80’s-hairdo (no pun intended… i think… what’s “pun” anyway?? :pa: )

you could perfect colouring skills?
>> take some b/w pics and colour them as realistic as possible

you could enhance “putting-head-of-person-A-onto-body-of-person-B”-skillz
>>basically what it says :slight_smile:

you could challenge someone for a general PS battle?
>>I’d like to join but I’m soo confused about how that is done :h:
I saw some battles between two people who always added/changed stuff on the pic the other person sent until someone eventually won (somehow)

The other way is like on this forum: just send in stuff and there will be a winner :slight_smile:
hmm :q:

>>>> OOH OOH! Or you could start a thread, where you post a pic you assembled/photographed/whatever, then someone would post a reply to show the rest of the forum he/she will take the pic, add/change something in it, then post that back on the forum
Then the someone else can post a reply to announce that he/she will be doing something with it, download the -new- pic, do stuff, post back, etc etc… :thumb:

What do you think of this? It could go on and on if there’s enough interest!

BTW: I once saw a battle with an image size that was three or four times as wide as it was high… that was pretty smooth to use in a battle

This will probable already have been done, but still: it seems like good fun!
If you don’t get this ball rolling, I’ll start a new thread to do so :thumb:

ive got a challenge for you…

from scratch …
create tubes or wires that is spawn from a object (say a hand … like spider man with his web… ect… make it interesing maybe a robotic hand) Give the tube/wires some dynamic, not in a straight line, some nice curves on it… and maybe some depth, like the wires coming at you (so they would be bigger in scale) Colour and textures are up to you.

how about that… you think you can pull it off? :wink:

Sounds good! I’ll get right on it!

This is the type of thing I am looking for!

no probs… ive got a million ideas like this…

post your results… :wink: