Publishing Help

Hey, first time poster here. I was referred to your board by the fellas at Cold Hard Flash.
Anyways, here is my problem:

I am having a problem with the publishing of my website. I don’t want there to be scaling, but I want people with lower screen resolutions to be able to scroll up and down to see my entire site. I turned scaling off, and that worked fine, but even if you resize the window smaller, you get no scroll bar on the explorer window! I want a scrollbar to accomodate lower screen res people. What gives, can anyone help? The site is [COLOR=#800080][/COLOR]. What I want it to be able to do is like the main site of [URL=“”][COLOR=#0000ff][/COLOR] .

Also, if I wanted, is there any way to allow the file to scale down to fit lower resolutions, but not up to fit higher