Hi all i have a problem… I have my introductory movie in flash4 that i publish in my directory. I find there an index.html and a index.swf files. Theywork well on my in local. i put the files on my web space (angelfire or xoom) and then i enter my site… What’s happen? I see the list of all the files of my site. The site dosen’t read my index.html page as the page to load for first… Why?
I tried to change the name of the .swf file but it doesn’t resolve the problem. Where is the problem?
I thank u in advance

Hello Udin,
Maybe Xoom doesn’t use “index.html” as an index file. Various sites use different default pages like: index.htm , default.htm, main.htm, etc. You may want to check on that first.

Also, when typing the address of your site in, add the “index.html” part also. Simply typing the URL by stating: the server might show a list of all files in your directory. Instead if you try to type it as: it may work. I just made up those URLs to state my case.

Try to see if those tips resolve your problem. If not, it may be with the advertising HTML they place insde every HTML page. If you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reply back.

Kirupa Chinnathambi