Pulp Friction


Any stellar recommendations for MX Pro interface and feature publications? I can find plenty of code publications, but have not been optimistic regarding pulp on using slides, timeline effects and integrating video, etc. Even the Macromedia Tutorials have been a bit saccharin on these topics.

Nice vocabulary. Gold star. (even though it was nearly devoid of real content, and quite frankly was a bit superfluous…)


Here’s my first lesson to you in terms of Flash publishing: figure out what you need to do; devise a few methods to execute your idea; research them; figure it out on your own based on research you’ve done.

Boom. Done. Good luck with whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. Odds are, it’s already been done. Just search the web a bit and you will find an answer.

Also, do not use slides or timeline effects. Slides are too buggy and inconsistent to use (just ask anyone else), and timeline effects can usually be emulated with a few lines of AS, instead of a bulky timeline.

The “<insert software> Magic” series of books has some very focused publications covering most elements of Flash MX 2004 (and other titles). Perhaps your fondess of books has been diluted somewhat with the ubiquity of digital media, but I still find paper the most efective reference medium. It’s easier to use a book than to flick between a browser and your software. Amazon is pretty cheap and depending on where you are (I’m in Australia) the shipping usually doesn’t exceed a week.

My point is, perhaps you should investigate books as a source of knowledge.

Good luck.

Seems pretty straight no chaser. Any good publications on the FLASH interface?


Books are okay, but you can usually find the same information online for free – and it’ll be more up-to-date. :wink:

I agree with that one, will also run screaming from timeline effects after having seen some of the examples elsewhere. If I need robust Motion Graphics I’ll turn to After Effects and import the Quicktime into FLASH, or export an SWF from there.

www.praystation.com joshua davis

I’ve been a devotee of Joshua Davis for some time, Rob Shearing has also joined the inspiration folder. Thanks.