Pure Cheese

OMG! russian beer just introduced me to this musician, richard cheese. if you HAVEN’T heard of him, run along and go find some of his songs!!! and if you HAVE, well then, LMAO! ISNT HE SO FUNNY? omg. this made my night.
he does jazz covers of the songs that we all know and love like “closer” by NIN, “fight for your right” by beastie boys, and “two joints” by sublime, omg, there are sooo many, and im not gonna name them all. but seriously. this guy is hilarious. you havent LIVED till you’ve heard “baby got back” jazz style… hahaha
thanks again RB~~~~

:beam: :beam: :beam:

RB is the sheet everybody. he gets a plaque of honor.


Someone is getting crazy! Woohoo!


its cuz of you rb-------
i think your hops level is a wee bit high for me today

here are two very funny songs for you to check out.

Crazy (brittney spears cover… this is really hysterical)

Chop Suey (system of a down cover… too funny)

warning: some adult language is used.

Yaknow, I really enjoyed the h e l l out of chop suey.

The BSpears song was pretty funny. Hmmm…I think I am onto something here. I cant say I have ever really listened to jazz before.

…the metalhead likes it…

Strange days, strange days.

yah, i had the same thought at first… jazz? most of it is yick… but this stuff man,
i want this guy to play at my wedding.

his redition of metallica’s enter sandman is also quite fun