Putting a movieclip on top of others?

Hi everyone, Im new on these forums and I’m trying to learn AS3. :slight_smile:

At the moment I’m really new to as3, I used to do a tiny bit of basic on my first computer ever (Acorn electron) so this is all pretty new to me. :+)

I’ve been going through the Lynda tutorials and have put together a simple flash gallery app. I basically Have a grid of 6x6 and each image is a movie clip and I defined a custom class for the movie clips so when the mouse goes over it does .50 apha and then when clicked makes the movie (my picture) under the cursor fill the area.

But I’ve run in to a problem which I can’t find the answer for, when the movieclip goes big it is over all the other 35 movie clips. The problem here is they are all on different Z planes so half of the movie clips show over the larger movie clip.

How can I make the clicked movieclip go to the top of the stack?

Thanks for any help it’s getting frustrating!! :red: