Putting License/Serial code in a FLash application, possible?

I am currently working on an interactive flash appliciation that will function like a directional map of a university. The application will be installed in a computer equipped with touch screen, presented as a kiosk and wil be mounted near the school entrance.

The client and I have agreed that we will be putting up a maximum of 2 kiosks inside the campus and have agreed that the application will only be used in this 2 computers. I told them that should they need to use the application in another computer(aside from the 2 kiosk) they will need to ask for my consent coz they may have to pay me additional charge for the application use, (in case they set up another kiosk on their own.) and also to have a “control” on the application, so they cannot share it or sell it to anyone, specially the students or make money out of it.

I am thinking if putting a “registration or licensing” process on the first run of the application. When the application runs in the first time in any computer, there will be a prompt for code(or username and password maybe). Is there a way I can accomplish this in flash?

Im not a familiar with any language like vbscript etc. ,which is usually used in creating the “registration” or “licensing” process. So my only way of achieving this is thru actionscripting. Just dont know if FLash is capable of doing it.

Can somebody help me out?

AS Level - Intermediate