Q: xscale on a movie clip with a loadmovie attached?

hi. here’s my situation. i’ve loaded a movie onto a movie clip. then i use xscale and yscale on the MC to flip the loaded movie, using code like the following (flipVar equals wither 100 or -100):

_root.myClip._xscale = flipVar;

correct me if i’m wrong: for a regular MC without an swf loaded, this just sets the flip absolutely - if flipVar equals 100, it’ll be normal and if it’s -100, it’ll be flipped… no matter what it was before this operation.
but it seems like with a loaded swf it sets it relative to how it was before the operation - if it was upside-down and flipVar is -100, it’ll be right-side-up. is this all correct? if so, how can i flip a loaded movie absolutely?
your help is much appreciated!

I’m assuming that what you’re saying is that you flip a movie clip holder of some sort, then load an swf into it and when it shows up it’s not flipped the way you wanted it.

I had been under the impression that any loaded movie would take on any scaling that you had set to the holder clip…

I’ll try a little experimentation on this to see if I can figure that out… it should work that way.