Question about asteroids game

Ok, first off here is the FLA


What i want to happen is to limit the bullets fired to 1 at a time (for example once you push shift and let go 1 bullet goes instead of like 100000)

also i want it so when you start the asteroids cant start ontop of you

and 1 last thing i want it so when you shoot 1 asteroid, another one appears off the screen and comes onto the screen.

thanks in advance for the help :thumb:

Hey, to fix the starting point of the asteroids, put a hitTest inside the onClipEvent(load) part of the code for the asteroid. For example:
trace(“big rock was on top of ship, get another starting point”);
_root.lives += 1; //add 1 to lives since it takes one off automatically

When I fire a bullet, only 1 bullet ocmes out, so im not sure which 10000 bullets u are referring to. Also, your many onClipEvent(enterFrame) code can all collapse into one onClipEvent.

i tried that just now, and if you start with an asteroid ontop of you then you cant die