Question about Creating a Sound Bar

Just want to say hello to every one and thanks for providing a place to learn .:slight_smile:
I have completed the Creating a Sound Bar
tutorial and it seems to work the thing is when I used the tutorial on how to load external swf files all it does is pulls the sound1.swf and just sits with both the stop and preload animation with no sound playing. Any ideas

Welcome to the forums;)

In the tutorial. the 2 swf load in eachother, that’s why if you use it in another movie, it’s not working.
In the fla I send you, you have to import the sound again (else it was too big) and put it in frame 3, then it works and can be loaded in another movie


it works with your fix … :smiley: thank you but can you please explain what you changed so I can learn … I am new to flash … thanks for you help

In the tutorial everytime you press stop/play, you replace the current swf with the one you load. In the AS then you can use _root.getBytesLoaded etc…
Now you have a movie where you want to load your soundbar and stay. If, in your sound.swf you refer to _root, you refer to the main movie’s timeline, that’s why I changed “_root” to “this” (“this” refers to it’s own timeline)
Further I changed the code on your buttons and put a stop in frame 3
Hope this will help you ( I’m not that good in explaining), if you still have questions, just ask;)