Question about Kirupa's Continueous Scroller

I just finished up this tutorial and had a question. I noticed that some of the circles make it past the hit test if they are going fast enough. I tried adding more hit test blocks but i didn’t help. The circles just kept on going. I also noticed this with kirupas sample so it isn’t just a mistake on mine. If you slow the speed down it works almost perfect but if you go over a certain speed you lose a lot of circles. Other than reducing speed has anyone found a way to fix this?

PS i tried adding a this code but it didn’t work

if (this._x == 1000){
	this._x = -1000;

But it didn’t work. Probably for the same reason he just didn’t check the loacation in the first place. Any Ideas?:-\

Just edit the numbers and hope they work I suppose.

I know the problem you are talking about… I have adjusted the numbers depending on the width and height of my movie and it worked out.

If only I knew some kind of forumla fo figure it out other than guess and check though :frowning: