Continuous Motion Problem

Alright… I’m a webdesigner, starting to get into flash…This is my first experiment with action script, and I’m having a few problems. I’m using the continuous motion tutorial, and I’ve done everything exactly how the tutorial says, and yet my results are very different.

My document size is h-100px, w-634px. When I test the movie after I finish the scripting, the circles move really really slow, and then when I hover over the document, the speed up really fast, disappear, and then never reappear. Can anyone help me? Thanks…

Ok, hmmm, lets see here…

One problem might be because when you test the movie from inside flash, the _xmouse and _ymouse positions are read even outside the actual movie area, this causes funky results.

You might also need to change the line that says i = 1+_root._xmouse/5 and make the 5 be a lower or higher number.

If none of these work can you post a .fla so we can better understand where you are coming from?

Well, I was testing them by doing publish>html. But anyways, I tried changing those values, and it still wont work…Here’s the .fla. (btw, thanks for helping me!)

Hi, for a start your haven’t given hit an instance name. You refer to it as block. So you should give it the instance name block.

Hey lost, … Feeling refreshed?

Aha! That was the problem. Thanks man… Now, how would I config it so that the circles came from the right side, and moved to the left?

Thanks for helpin out Flex. Refreshed, yeah I am, but my hands are bruised from work. Thats the life of vacationing in a cabin though:)

Hmm, now about reversing this…time to dl that .fla file!

Ok, I messed around with the file for a little bit, you can change whatever numbers back to whatever you want:)

Gr…I feel really stupid, but I’m also having trouble making the circles appear different sizes… I changed the size, yet when I preview it, they still all appear the same size. Anyways, here’s the new .fla

All you have to do to change the size is to scale the seperate clips you drag onto the stage.

I don’t know if you were typing when I posted but I posted the file after I messed with it for like 2 minutes.

Omg, I’m dumb… Yeah, anyways…thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

No Problem:) I hope it was something like what you wanted.

Hehe, yeah…I took the one you uploaded, added some scan lines, resized and resized some things…Now all that’s left are finishing effects within the sides, and other animations im adding.