Question flash navigation and frames

I am working on a site that has a flashnavigation in the left frame and HTML content in the right frame. The flash navigation shows different submenu’s depending on the main menu-item that is chosen. When I have an internal link (or shortcut) in the HTML of my right frame I don’t know how to change the state of my flash navigation (so that it shows the menu that fits the chosen HTML content)? Is it possible to direct my swf file from the HTML page in another frame and let it jump to another frame inside the movie or even to a tell target (don’t know if this is the right way to explain it).
Thanks to anyone who can help me.

It looks like your post might have been lost here. Try posting thise same question to Kirupa at Flash 5 and I am sure you will get a response. I heard him talking about this on one of his tutes not so long ago. Hope this helped. Change the title with Kirupas name in it so he sees it.