Question for the Brits

So after a day of searching, I finally found the part for my scoob that I was searching for. Only problem, it was from a British Company. No real problem they ship over seas, but I am confused by the tax amount… There are Three choices and I am not sure as an international buyer which one I should choose… They are…

  1. Inside EC at 17.5%
  2. Non EC (RoW) 0%
  3. IVA Registered (IVA number required)

I know I dont have an IVA number so that rules out option 3, but I have no idea what the other two options mean. =0)

Perhaps someone can provide some insight?


I think that Inside EC is if you’re in europe and Non EC is outside of europe. :beam:

Don’t hold me to that though :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Soul :s:

is EC the European commonwelath

i don’t really know

where are you? if you’re not in the EC (europe) then go for option #2 - although it says 0% tax, depending on the good, customs may well levy some kind of tax (they always find something to add :)). but yeah option 2 if you’re outside the EC.

chris: EC is European Community (the Commonwealth is totally different)

it seems strange that the site states the EC… as opposed to the EU (european union) … out of date? :wink:

Seems to be a really good organized shop… :slight_smile: With FAQ and all that stuff :slight_smile:


*Originally posted by asphaltcowboy *
**EC is European Community (the Commonwealth is totally different) **

if was a good guess(-:

I am in the US. =) Although they want 33.75 pounds to ship it… Not sure its entirely worth it. Thanks for the answers all. =0)


what is “it” exactly? sorry, just being nosey :slight_smile:

Its an electronic vibrating spoon

well… I was thinking ‘vibrating’… anyone seen Fight Club? :wink:

LOL shipping sucks

i am going to buy a LA doggers baseball shirt

it cost $75 to buy and $35 to ship


You’ve got a Scoob? What model? :beam:

Is it the 2 litre Turbo Sti? :slight_smile:

EDITED becuase asphaltcowboy made it not funny :bad:

omg! lol! congrats kit :wink:

it only had to take one person to turn that into something stupid :sigh:

lol? I aer teh confused :crazy:

Well thats not hard :stuck_out_tongue:

true… but still. chris… what the hell are you on about? :wink:

“It” is a GFB Hybrid blow off valve, the stock blow off valve was not releasing when there was less then 8psi (.6ish bar) of boost and you backed off the gas a bit. It would release if you let off the gas totally, but it would cause back pressure and lag if you backed off a bit then started up again. In any case I found a dealer in the States that has a few in stock, so I don’t have to worry about over seas shipping! Yay! =)

Kit- I have the 2.0 Litre WRX Sti. 2003 (Turbo, AWD, etc.)=0) It is a fun little car for sure. I will post pics when I hook my scanner back up. (No digi camera for me doh)