Question on Falling snow

I wanna ask a question
if i want to make a button menu with links over the falling snow,
how can i do so?
as i tried before
the “snow” will dominate the layers and while it falls, it covers the button, causing difficultes for people to press…
how can i solve it?
thanks …

let make’s that the buttons move with the snow

but i want to button remains at the same position

other question, can you make of the snow buttons, or is that inpossible?

what code did you use to make the snow?

and did you want the snowballs to go to a new scene or something?

Create invisible buttons on a layer ontop of the others… i think it’s possible

I want the snow under the layer of the button menu…
but in this code
the snow are randomly generated…
therefore new snow cover the buttons of the menu…

can’t you assign the snow a variable name, and then do like variable.onRelease blah de blah?