I was wondering if anyone know anything about putting an Invisible image over a picture… Sow hen people try to save that picture, they save the invisible image insted… If you know how to do that, please tell me… Thank

yea, that would be pretty cool and funny…dunno how to do it though! :nerd:

Awww man you got me all excited for no reason =(:::::::
I thought someone answered my question =P

If you use the z-index and layers capability in HTML and javascript you could, but it would involve exact x and y coords of your images and sometimes browsers (such as Netscape) don’t even display that right, so the answer to your question is, Yes, it is possible and No, its not really worth it, unless you fully know how to do it.

ok NM!!! i just got an Idea… Ill load up pictures in flash adn save them as a graphic… ppl cant save them still =)… atleast i dont think they can

Pretty smart, if you go to File/Export Image it will export your image as a flash .swf file and you cannot right click to save it. It will give you the standard menu in flash. You will have to use the whole EMBED thing to add it to the page, which could be a pain if you have a lot of images, but if you don’t want people stealing your images, I suppose it is worth it.=)

Here’s the easy, non-Flash way:

Create a one cell, one row table. Set the background of the table to the image you wish to protect. Place a clear gif (the actual file could be on pixel tall and one pixel wide, to save bandwidth) and set the width and height of the image to match that of the protected image. Place this into the table.

If that wasn’t clear, here’s an example: you wish to protect mystuff.jpg and it is 500x500; the transparent gif is spacer.gif; the code would be:

<table border=“0”><tr><td background=“mystuff.jpg”>
<img src=“spacer.gif” width=“500” height=“500” border=“0”>

When anyone tries to save, they’ll acquire the spacer.gif. There are ways around this, as with everything, but it will hinder some people and works in both Netscape and IE.

Very Clever! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! I am so ashamed:) just kidding, but yes, that is an extremely effective way of covering your picture. The only way someone could snag it is if they view your source code and find out where your picture is stashed, but only desperate people do that:P

… or they could screen capture it. Just about any way of image protection can be breeched simply by screen capture. Your best bet is to watermark your image, either visibly, or digitally using Digimarc. Also, keep a high resolution handy… so if there comes a time when you have to legal battle, the case might be swayed in your direction if you have an unflattened, higher rez version of the image in question.

Ahh the joys of the net!

That is all too true. That is why I keep the original Photoshop File (.PSD) of ALL my artwork. I keep all layers in tact and don’t flatten the image when I am done with it. You have to take every precaution nowadays, it isn’t right.

Thanks for all your replies… hehe :slight_smile:

that protecting image thing got me wondering…how do people make it so when people right click it says something like “Stop trying to steal my work!” hehehe…i have plenty of messages i can place instead of something simple like that!

That requires an onContextMenu script in javascript. You can get one at Dynamic Drive ( . Just look up No Right Click Script. Good Luck

thx for the site…like the subject says i luv free stuff and this site has some good free stuff! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it is one of the best, I love it. Even though I am starting to right that kind of stuff on my own now, I always like seeing what is posted on that site.

hey man cool site you got…like the way the thing flashes to a new page! are you goign to put up .fla ?? i would love to know how to do some of that stuff…and also tutorials! :asian:

hey man cool site you got…like the way the thing flashes to a new page! but the junior web page award thing takes over the page. when you go to awards then the award page…u cant do nothing on YOUR site…and maybe you should put links to other sites in a blank window…kinda hard to navigate through that small screen :slight_smile:

Thanks man, I appreciate the compliments. I can’t really post the .fla because I wrote the site with DHTML, so its not Flash. I know the links section is way cluttered, but whenever I find the time I will redo that part.

I am not really sure what you mean about the awards thing, or that you “can’t do nothing” on my site. Can you please explain?

I am just starting to do tutorials. I wrote one for a Non-Military Digital Clock in FLash MX, I posted it in the tutorials section of this forum if you would like to check it out. No one has replied to my tutorial yet though, I guess it isn’t good, I have never written a tutorial before and I am a total newbie at this Actionscript Stuff. I will post it on my site soon enough. I hope to have both Photoshop and Flash tutorials on my site sooner or later. I just need to find some free time:)

ok on your site go to the awards page. then click the link that takes you to the junior web awards homepage. it appears in the little screen. once the awards hompage is loaded into the little screen, try to go to any of you other links…they dont work! that awards home page has taken over and wont LEAVE! BTW, thats a cool logo…unfortunately i dont know jackshit about photoshop :frowning:

PS i cant post to the form on you site! it says "Oops!
We can only accept forms that come from a Tripod URL. Sorry! "

OH MAN, THANKS, I never noticed it did that. I greatly appreciate you bringing this to my attention. I am going to fix that right away!