Do posts no longer count in Random?

Everything counts, but I don’t think that Discourse has a built-in feature to display your number of posts in the postbit like vB did.

I agree with Krilnon.

This is going to be my new signature

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I miss my old signature.

Which one? I remember the last 2 :

Name brand watches, and “maybe get timer is the answer to your question”

Can you explain the getTimer() signature? I was pretty sure it was a running joke at the time, but since you claim to not remember a certain someone recently i think I was wrong again

I don’t remember; need to see it. Is there a way to access the old vBulletin forums?


Oh, it’s still at

I remember the TweenMax thing was about some guy constantly answering questions with TweenMax, even when it seemed completely unwarranted (at least to me). I assume getTimer() was something similar.

Proud Montanadian I don’t really remember, other than it had something do to with a guy from Montana whose screen name was shane-c.

We tolerate living and breathing. And niches. I think this is several quotes from fasterthanlight.

Name Brand Watches was because somebody posted spam that just said Name Brand Watches, but there was no link to anything.

After reading some old threads to try and dig up these references, I’ve realized that 2017 me is rather embarrassed of 2007 me. Nevertheless, and speaking of old, obscure references, we haven’t celebrated bukwah in a while…

Ok so I actually did have the getTimer thing right. I recall appreciating the joke at the time

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Bukwah needs to be celebrated! :stuck_out_tongue:

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