Hey guys whats up?

Im trying to figure something out,

Whenever i do my coding etc and i want to set a dynamic mc, i use the old school coding like this…

setProperty(“myMc” add i,_x, 2);

right, well whats the coding stlye in mx? I havent figured that out. i would want to do something like

_root.(“myMc” add i)._x = 2;

But im not sure whats proper, any ideas?

  • Raydred


_root[“myMc” + i]._x = 2;

alrighty =) well i tried that, no worky…

check out my code…
this works…:

setProperty(“fx” add i,_x, startx + Number(i*kern));
setProperty(“fx” add i,_visible, true);

this doesnt… hmm… any thoughts?

_root[“fx” + i]._x = startx + Number(i*kern);
_root[“fx” + i]._visible = true;

ps. and i do have the path correct =)

I had the same problem. What I did was to evaluate the expression first and then assign that variable to the _x property

abcd=startx + i*kern;

_root[“fx” + i]._x = abcd;

Try this! Hope this helps!

hmm, still not working right, but thanks ! =)
i’ll keep that in mind and i’ll play with it some more lol =)

run this:

trace(“clip=” + eval(“fx” + i));

and tell me what’s traced.

this is what is outputed…

clip =

=) i tried the eval and no worky… not sure whats up, seems like sometimes AS doesnt work for me, must be a curse lol jk

was that trace action right underneath your setProperty code?

put it there and see what it traces.