Questions to help me complete my almost finished flash site

still not working 100% properly … to be honest not even 70% properly :frowning:


i would need some help as i am a total n00b - if you could provide some coding that would be great otherwise I’ll take what i can get :frowning:

question 1)
how do center the movie in the html file? where do i have to add the <center> tags?

question 2)
in the cv section (2nd one :slight_smile: )
what can i do to make the german and english cv’s load more quickly into the image frame?

if i want to print the cv using the print symbol built in on the top … it prints the whole swf and not the cv.
what do i need to do to open a new window with the cv in it - so that people can print the cv properly?

question 3)
the links (5) and contact (4) fonts arent correct - is there a way not having to make images out of them, so they still use the correct font? would it help adding the font via ftp to the webspace?

would making them symbols help?

question 4)
generally speaking … is the site hard to read or hurt on the eyes?

i was thinking about making the site lighter - your opinion?

question 5)
in section “my work” - i would like to have several small thumbnails that open into an external big window when clicked upon … what do i need to do to get that to work?
do i need to create each of the bigger windows seperately and link to them?

question 6)
is there a way to do an easier navigation with all of the options listed on top with the suboption listed beneath it?

and finally question 7)
the links and images (work section) should open in external windows … now the links open in teh same window - what do i need to code or change to get rid of that?

thanks a ton to all of you - without you i wouldnt even have gotten this far - an additional link for sure ll be the kirupa website with all you great guys n gals :slight_smile:

thanks in advance,

*EDIT: please don’t go too hard on me - i know it doesnt look good and it doesnt work … i’m grateful for whatever help i can get.

please help me!


For whatever reason it refuses to load. Is it megs in size without a preloader or something?

hm, i dont have problems with it on other than my home computer :frowning:

maybe it takes a while to load. i’ll have to put a preloader in front of it … :slight_smile:

to answer some of your questions…

your cv_english.jpg file doesn’t load correctly (not to mention it’s 397 kb). really, you shouldn’t have it as a jpg, but just as text. if you’re worried about font appearance, just make the text dynamic and embed the fonts.

your swf file is too big also considering there’s nothing to it other than that spinning logo thing. you at least need a preloader.

the whole movie is too wide horizontally as it is, so centering won’t make a difference for most people until you size it down.

keep on truckin.