Take a peek at my BETA Site

My Site

crits are much appreciated.:slight_smile:

Ur site wont show for me…
its just white:-/
[whisper]FF on a mac[/whisper]

[quote=nico;1984167]My Site

crits are much appreciated.:)[/quote]
[ot][v]Footers all add up to be too bix and exceed dimensions lol[/v] [/ot]

[quote=nico;1984167]My Site

crits are much appreciated.:)[/quote]
[ot][v]Footers all add up to be too bix and exceed dimensions lol[/v] [/ot]
oh and it wont load (site)

hmmmmm… i think your flash player, theres no problem with my browser, i clck the link and my site show up.:slight_smile:

darkmotion: off topc???, why, showcase and critques. i want to show my ste to other people, and even though its underconstruction, all links are functional.

Same as Nokrev - Opera on XP
EDIT: Same happens on IE and Firefox :confused:

Doesn’t work here either. Your footer is too big as well, read the rules or it’s baleted.

Nothing happens, I am on a sloooooow conn though

i dont get it, my friends already saw the site, even me, i repeatedly clck the link ive posted and its all working. im using firefox and flash player 9.

try to click my signature instead.:slight_smile:

Nope, afraid it’s just a blank white page for me too. The page title “The Porcupine Studios” loads, but nothing else.

http://www.freewebs.com/nicochel/portfolioCompilationswPreloader.swf works fine it’s the swf path from the source code… which is easy to see why the page doesn’t load since it’s not properly embeding the swf.

I didn’t get to see the actually site since it took a decade to load up, but the front page looked semi-promising

excatly the same post as simplistik >_<

takes ages too load, are you using external swf’s or is everything stored in one?

ok, its loaded so here are my thoughts, its a good idea but need some improvement such as the background I dont like the plain black, also in the portfolio etc etc, when you click drawings you get a forward and back button but no close so you have to click on portfolio again.

wowo im confused and now its not even worth it to try and fid the site

I agree with the evil drummer, the black background feels very wrong.
And also that when you click portfolio there is no back button. At first I didnt find the portfolio, I pressed portfolio PROFILE at first, after a while I found it.

Also, I think it looks kinda wrong with the picture of you sitting in what looks like to be a basement with an laptop alone, with the text “Website developer * Graphic artist” etc. Looks really serious :wink:

Unfortunately it takes a long time to load. I’m on a pretty decent connection (10 MB) too. I reccomend seeing about splitting up the content into individual external SWFs and external images that get loaded in when accessed. I know it might be tricky to figure out if you’re more of a designer than a code developer but tutorials on kirupa and elsewhere should help. Its something I’m going to have to consider too.
The actual site itself is ok though and I see the theme you’re trying to put across. A close button as said would help. Plus you might want to use a different colour or font for the buttons, as they kind of get lost on the page. I also think the actual size of the portfolio images is a bit too small to see the detail, it’d be nice if when you clicked on them, they popped out at a bigger size (with a close button). Websites section doesn’t load yet (I guess that ones not finished yet?).
I think, considering the theme, a wood texture/pattern might work really well instead of the plain black one. Like pages strewn across a desk.
Overall though you’ve obviously put alot of work into it and its coming along. Just needs a bit of a change in technical structure. Good luck.

thank you for all your comment:) i appreciated it, so, hmmm, i understand that it really takes a long time to load. this is my first tme to try using external swfs. can i ask something, how can i tell actionscript where will i put that external swf, i mean, how can i specify the position of the swf. i’ll try to change that i promise.:slight_smile: im used in creating games, and when i create games, all the elements are in one swf. thanks guys:))

The link simp posted re directs back to this topic.

Still waiting …

and waiting …

Edit 2:
and waiting …

Edit 3: (after 12+ mins)
Not waiting any longer. Sorry but I suggest you fix the problem promptly.