Quick - easy question please answer quickly: Imported swf

Hi - haven’t used Flash for a while and am encountering two embarrising problems with importing a .swf banner into my main flash site.
I have created the banner seperately and then am importing it thrugh the library onto the stage.
Problem one: Real easy one - how they hell do I stop ot looping? The original has an Action:Stop command at the end and when played alone works perfectly - but when played as a banner within the main page it continues to loop, I thought there was an option in the property inspector but it only seems to allow the loop/play once option under Graphic which is no use as this obviously should e considered a movie clip…
Problem two: The banner has some text that slides in from the side - when imported into the main page, the text can be seen sliding across the stage towards the banner. Obviously if I play the file alone in a resixed windows it’s fine - but when imported to the main project you can actually see the text running across the whole page to get to the banner.
I’m on a strict deadline please please please respond a.s.a.p