Quick PHP Q!

ok check out this site…: http://www.ferronikeli.com/eng/index.php

what is the php doing on this site? and how do you find out!

There’s no way to find out… but php is usually used to display dynamic content, hit counters, all kinds of dynamic stuff basically :to:

What about all these sites, that have the index.php, about_us.php, etc pages …???
is there a naming process to it, or is it just that they have used some sorta php code, no matter how simple, they are able to make a page with an php ext…just like the one above, so this doesn’t mean that all pages with .php extensions are nessecerilly using a database…like mySQL!?

Thanks :slight_smile: ps. newbie, really intrested in php!!!

no php doesn’t have to use a database… althought most of the pages do.
any php page can just have a simple hit counter just to see how many ppl visit that page

Or it even may not contain any php at all… it might be all fake. it could just be a simple html page without any php dynamics even though the extension is .php

The Place to start

Using mysql might look difficult and or confusing, however its a lifesaver

www.devshed.com (is that it guys?)

Is a really good place to start.

BTW: Lost is back :slight_smile: