Quick q's


just a quick q’s here:
How do you make text, images, etc (when mouseovered) appear to “bounce”? or when like you throw a rock in the water and it does the droplet thing?

Neone know?

example: http://www.hollyvalancemusic.com (top flash menu)

… btw… when u open the secnd site and you click one of the menus, how does the “square” enlarge in size?

Alot of the bouncing and such done in the first movie isn’t scripted… It’s primarily just drawn out frame by frame in a MC and then when you mouseover that mc it calls a play command to play a animation in that mc…

As for the dynamic boxes…

A little bit of Actionscript and an array holding the ommands for each box…

If you mouseover the one box… Cause it to increase in size… When you mouseoff… Let it fall back some diminishing in size… But causing the others to shake nearby… :slight_smile: think about a rope when constructing this. :smiley: