HAve a look at my site and tell me how to correct something


When you move over the squares how do I make it smooth so that when mouse over they grow, mouse roll out they shrink smoothly from whatever stage of growth they are either way?

It’s my very first attempt so go easy, don’t take the piss too badly. And explain in simple terms or show me an example.fla I can download. That’s the easiest way I find to understand things.

Hi Michel,
nice intro/ 1st page…
What is the code used on your squares? Maybe it’s just s’thing simple you need to change…
Or send the fla to [email protected] (or even parts of it…)

joe (The Eyezberg)

Hey Monsterkepating,
The intro page looks really nice. The buttons all transition in and out smoothly. I’m not seeing any jaggedness or loss in frame rates.

I think I see what you mean… you’ve got it set to goto and play frame 1 when you roll over them, which means that no matter where you are in growing it resets to the first size before growing again.
I’d say don’t worry about it, but that’s probebly not what you want to hear. You’re animations on those rollovers are really smooth… better than I see on most sites.

If you really want to fix it, I can probebly come up with a solution… it involves having buttons only located on particular frames so that the animation cannot do a rollover until it completes it’s timeline.

Yeah I’m withthat buttons on certain frames, that would work okay. But let me ctry and get you to understand…

Right, the animation for each square is simple. First it’s a grow with a stop action at the beginning and end. Then there’s a shrink animation with stop actions at the begining and end. SO basically when it’s mouse roll off then it jumps to the BEGINNING of the shrink animation.

To demonstrate this move over a square and then almost immediatley move off it. Notice how the square jumps to it’s maximum size before it shrinks. This happens because that’s what the animation is.

What I want to know is, is there away not to do this so that if you just move over it and then off quickly it will shrink from that size down to it’s minimum.

Wow, that sounds like a tough one to do just with frame animations. I suggest using some sort of actionScript that tells the property of the button or CLIP to increase its size a certain pixel and when rolled out decrease back to the original size. Im sure Thoripes will be able to figure it out.

Or maybe you can even make your tween into keyframes and on rollout back one frame at a time until it reaches the minimum point.


There are a couple of different ways of accomplishing this. I’m working now on the a/s suggestion above. I believe it is the best (and smallest file size) way of accomplishing this… we’ll see.

Yes, ActionScript it!
Make a controler clip (just script in it), 2 keyframes, 1st one with the script, 2nd one with gotoAndPlay 1st one (for the update). Script would be s’thing like onMouseOver -parent.clip._xscale +=2 and same for _yscale (that’s in %).
This is NOT actionscript, just an explanation of what I mean…:slight_smile: Then you do the opposite onMouseOut, and put this little controller into your square-clip.
Get the point?


Yeah I understand, all my mates don’t see it as a problem, (I’m a perfectionist you see), and would rather I finished the site and put in all the content. SO I think I’ll do that. Also everyone finds the music really irritating so that’ll have to change. he he he
Thanks though anyway guys!

here is a script i found on one of them tutorials in FlashKit.
First you make a button (just the hitState) and place it in a MC. Give the button the script

then go to the main stage and place the MC.
Now all you have to do is use the script below on the MC and your good to go.

onClipEvent (load) {
i = 0;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (i == 1) {
_xscale = _xscale + (200 - _xscale)/6;
_yscale = _yscale + (200- _yscale)/6;
if (i == 0) {
_xscale = _xscale + (100 - _xscale)/10;
_yscale = _yscale + (100 - _yscale)/10;


SWEET!!! thanks for stealing my wind and posting first… you **** quick thinkers. :slight_smile: (seems like a lot of you have more time than me.:frowning: )

The sxample is exactly what I was talking about!
I’m a complete beginner, what is a MC?onMouseOver,DragOver
What is the i thing all about?

Forgive my dumb assness.

MC’s are movie clips… one of three basic object types that flash uses.

i=1, is an action script (hence forth to be known as a/s) set variable command. In which the variable of “i” is set to a value of 1

onMouseEvent, is a command which you can give to either buttons or movie clips. It is always followed by another command, which is exicuted when the desired mouse state is achieved. In this case it is seting the variable above.

Could you fill us in on how much you do know?

Do you know what the action script panel is?

…no comment, I’m still grinning :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: , now now Eyez… we were all there once.

Pay no attentiion to the peanut gallery… we will help you as best we can.

No, I’m not completely thick, I know what a Movie Clip is give me some credit and I know how to do the mouse over crap and all that stuff. How else do you think I’d done that much of a site?
You just made things sound all techie using TOT (the old tricks) of abreviating things in an annoying fashion.

As far as variables go I have never used them. Do you have to tell Flash to set a variable to a value at the start of the site? How do you tell it what i is?

Hey, upu, I was not grinning ‘bout the guys supposed Flash ignorance, but about the way yopu asked if he knew where the a/s panel is, still makes me lol…sorry, no harm meant!
As for variables in Flash, it is BETTER to declare them somewhere near the start, but you do not have to, as soon as you use the var’s name for the 1st time, it will be declared. BUT at sometime you will have to set it, either when you introduce it (like var = 5), or when you wanna use it with a value…no tutorials on that on kirupa.com?
A variable can contain text as well as numbers, can be global to the movie or local in a clip or function, and so on…what do you wanna know? (don’t remember what the post was about, alcohol kills braincells quite fast :-)…jokin’
Man, don’t get offended, we all mean to help here I think…