Quick question - Timelines

Right straight to it, i will try and explain the best i can.

I have a movie clip, and inside it i have some masking animation.

Now when it has finished playing all the masking animations and that i want it to goto and play frame 2 on the main timeline.

when i use the normal code

 gotoandplay("scene1","2") ;

or whatever it is, it dosnt load frame 2 on the main timeline? is that cos its still inside the movie clip timeline?

well thats my problem is there a cure?

thanks for any help.

ok… i spose the problem is that you didnt quite understand “gotoAndPlay”.

look. it says gotoAndPlay(-Scenename-,-Framename-);

but -Framename- isnt the number of the frame… it is the name… you must give to it before accessing it…

you can only name keyframes … so make frame 2 a keyframe (F6)… then in the “Properties” panel there is an input box with “<<Instance name>>” in it… change it to e.g. “frame2” or whatever you want… then you can do


ah. and by the way… when the frame you want to access is already in the scene from which you are calling… its enough to do


and ActionScript is case sensitive. so be carful that you write all the commands correctly…

hope this helped…

(maybe i misunderstood the problem… if yes just give a call)

picks up phone

dials random number

Me - “yeah so ermm help me”

Random dude - “who is this”

Me - “its me you where helping me with flash”

Random dude - " FLASH OH OH! SAVER OF THE UNIVERS!.. no soz mate wrong number"

hangs up


yeah so ermm lets try again :slight_smile:

Main timeline.
Frame 1
movie clip
… inside movie clip
animation plays frames 1 - 87

on frame 87 which is a keyframe i have the codeing

gotoAndStop(“Scene 1”, “Main”);

that dosnt equal

Main timeline
frame 2 (named “Main”)

or does it and im doing something wrong?