Quick question

quick question… to dynamically animate something in flash, do you HAVE to use onEnterFrame?


You can use onClipEvent (enterFrame)

or… You can make the movie 3 frames long… In the last frame have gotoAndPlay(2);

The first frame will only be loaded once then and all your code goes in frame 2… This is how I coded for Flash 5 :slight_smile:

ok, but what I mean… well, let me explain the whole story.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a site in which the buttons grew once you rolled over them… if you took the mouse away they went back to normal. And the effect was smooth and animated.

Now I’m trying to do the same, but I can’t figure out how! I’m sure it’s something that has to be triggered by on(rollOver), but I’m not sure how to animate with the code inside that function… if I do a for loop, it’s going to execute the whole thing in the timespan of that frame

I mean, if my button (which would be a movieClip) was called phil - then I could do phil.onEnterFrame = function () and I’d do a hit test… and if it’s true up the scale a little bit… but I’m trying to stay away from using onEnterFrame to use hittest… I’d rather use on(rollOver)

I was thinking about writing a function that would use onEnterFrame to animate… but this function would be called if an on(rollOver) returns true… but I’m not sure how to write it… can you guys help?

or… should I just not worry about using onEnterframe and then hittest?

nevermind… I answered my own question


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