Quick question

i want to know how i can make one image lets say, scale up and fade out, and when it’s done, i want the next object to do whatever, but one after another, i can only make it where they all load at once, not one after another like i want them to

I think that you´re posting this question in the wrong place, it should be at [COLOR=darkblue]kirupa´s_forum/help/…[/COLOR], but…

…Anyway, there is a lot of ways to do that. Your problem is to scale-fade and proceed to another, or just to begin the second after the first, then the third after the second…?

If is the later, and, if you are not doing these effects by script, you could simply place in the last frame of the first-to-go MC actions, like that:

[COLOR=royalblue]_root[/COLOR].[COLOR=red]second-to-go_movieclip_instance_name[/COLOR].[COLOR=royalblue]gotoAndPlay (2)[/COLOR];

And in the first frame of your second-to-go movieclip you place a stop action.

Is that it?