Quick response to aligning vertical and horizontal pics

I have been searching everywhere for a solution to this i have found lots of suggestions however i am very new and i finally got my gallery to work the way i want except the alignment. To see the site in action go to. http://finstofurstaxidermy.com/taxidermy.html
It will be located on the “Photos” page. I love everything about it except the center point of the vertical and horizontal pictures are different.

MovieClip.prototype.fadeIn = function() {
    this.onEnterFrame = function() {
        if (this._alpha<100) {
            this._alpha += 10;
        } else {
            delete this.onEnterFrame;

bar._visible = false;
border._visible = false;
var empty = this.createEmptyMovieClip("container", "1");
empty._x = 400;
empty._y = 109;
my_mc = new MovieClipLoader();
preload = new Object();
preload.onLoadStart = function(targetMC) {
    trace("started loading "+targetMC);
    container._alpha = 0;
    bar._visible = true;
    border._visible = true;
    pText._visible = true;
preload.onLoadProgress = function(targetMC, lBytes, tBytes) {
    bar._width = (lBytes/tBytes)*100;
    pText.text = Math.round((lBytes/tBytes)*100)+"%";
preload.onLoadComplete = function(targetMC) {
    border._visible = false;
    bar._visible = false;
    pText._visible = false;
    trace(targetMC+" finished");

//default image
my_mc.loadClip("movies/clip4.jpg", "container");
panel.imgbtn1.onPress = function() {
    my_mc.loadClip("movies/clip1.jpg", "container");

Please if anyone can help i would be sooooo happy. It is a simple issue to many of you i know that. I have seen lots of galleries and examples however i just cant get it to work with my code. Thanks in advanced.