QUICK TOUR (Pom - need your help....)

Hi! All,\r\rI just want to design a quick tour for seveal movies. It means that when I click the “Quick Tour” button, it will play, such as from movie1 scene1 frame 10 to frame 100 and then switch to movie2 scene2 frame 50 to frame 150. It will be no problem to switch in the same movie. I don’t know how to handle it for dfferent movies. Thanks for help.

You can try to make movies with a few frames only. Rather than trying to stop your movie.\rpom 0]

Thanks for your reply, ilyaslamasse. But I don’t know what your mean for my question. May I change a direction for my question. How do I achieve it if I use loadMovie to load a movie (movie B) and START FROM A SPECIFIED FRAME. I think I could put a script in movie B frame 1, such as if a==“jump”, then it will goto a specified frame. The question is that how do I pass the assignment, a=“jump” to movie B. loadVariables? Somebody can help me. Appreciate your help.

I tried to use loadVariables to pass the assignment a=“jump” but failed as follow:\r\r &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp loadMovieNum (“movieB.swf”, 1);\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp loadVariablesNum (“a.txt”, 1, “GET”);\r or\r loadVariablesNum (“a.txt”, 1, “POST”);\r or\r loadVariablesNum (“a.txt”, 1); \r\rThe content of a.txt is a=“jump”. \r\rAnybody can teach me…

take a look at that swf :

Here’s how it works :\rThere are two buttons and an empty clip on the stage. The empty clip’s instance name is “empty”.\rI put the following code to the button “whole” :

 on (press) {\r\r    _root.flag = 0;\r\r    loadMovie ("<a href="http://www.multimania.com/ilyaslamasse/1.swf",">www.multimania.com/ilyasl...swf",</a> "empty" );\r\r}

When I press the button, I set a flag in _root to 0, and I load the movie. In the button “Part”, I simply set the flag to 1. ***It’s very important that you put the flag in _root, because then it will be easier to find.***\rthe movie 1.swf is a simple tween, that makes a work go left (frame 1 to 10) then right (frame 11 to 20). I just added that code in the first frame of the movie :

 if (_root.flag) gotoAndPlay(11) ;

Does that make sense to you ??\r\rpom 0]

It’s working. I’ve a little bit confusion on the _root.flag. I need to think about it… ilyaslamasse, thank you so much for your help.

The flag trick is… tricky indeed. Just see it as a marker. A flag, that you can see from everywhere. You put it in _root, because if you don’t do so, you’ll have all the trouble in the world to find the right path to get to it if your movie gets a little bit complicated.\rNow, what’s happening ? When you click the 1st button, the flag is set to 1 ; the second button sets it to 0.\rNow the movie, when it starts, wants to know on which button you pressed. Where will he know that ? In _root of course ! So

 if (flag) {// which is the same thing as if (flag !=0) {\r\r  //go where you want\r\r} else {\r\r  //go somewhere else in your movie\r\r}

Welcome in the tough world of Actionscript.\r\rpom 0]

Pom, \rI need your help again. I stimulate your swf. When there is one button (Part) it works okay, i.e. start from a specified frame. However, when I put another button (whole), both buttons start from the first frame. I tried dozen times but I still can’t find where is the problem. I think the easiest way to find it out - sending me your fla file. My email address is [email protected] . Thanks in advance for your help…

Sent.\rpom 0]