Racing Game

Hi Everybody,

I’m making a racing game in flash using tiles to generate de map. You can see how it’s going here:

The graphic is just a sketch.

My problem is: How can i make curves? I can’t figure out how to make some curves (can be 45° or 90° curves) and how to make the “others” cars (not controlled) follow the curves.


idk if it wasn’t tile based it would be easier or you couild just do drag raceing

Well Lets See, 1st Sticky on this forum : Game Resources

• Tile Based Game by Outside of Society

• Tile Based Games by TONYPA

After You dig a bit more in Outside of the society :wink:
Link about collision with Different Tiles Shape !

Hope You Find some CluEs …


Yes, a drag race could be easier but I have to make it based on tiles.


Thanks for the links, I will dig them deeply!

The TonyPa tutorial and the Outside Society, I’ve already seen to make the game. On the Outside Society has an example of a racing with curves, but it uses another tile map with angles, but I don’t know… I didn’t like that solution a lot…

Hi Akirasan ,

Yep , True this exemple is not very convincing :slight_smile:
For you problem , did you try to make the map coordinate to rotate instead of the car moving ? I don’t know how it work with Tiles but I tried with ArtBased Games and It did work pretty good … Well I do remember seeing some RPG tileGame doing this somewhere so I am sure You could do it .
And then improve the physics so It will have the feel of car turning .

And for the tile curve problem (I guess you gonna have some of this problems as curves made by square tiles are not that effiecient for a racing game :slight_smile: ) you should really look in this link from [font=verdana,geneva,arial,helvetica][size=-2]METANET[/size][/font]

HOpe you get somewhere … !

Sorry to post just links and not real help but well: I am not into tilebase for now !

here I found on Tonypa tuts : rotating tile MAP … should do it ?!

LAter .

Hi Lastchildz,

I guess rotating the map will not solve my problem, my big problem are the traffic cars. If I make some curves on the tiles, I will have to improve the AI of the traffic cars to follow the curves. To the player, doesn’t matter to rotate the car coordinates or the map coordinates :frowning:

Yes, thats something that I have to look. Thanks again

Come on, you are helping me a lot! You may not be into tilebase for now, but your experience are very wellcome! :slight_smile:

Pathfinding could be the methode to use … for your “Ennemy” Car AI.

I tried to create a path for an object following a direction with HitTest but the result is not too good but I am sure its possible to make it more acurate :

look at this thread :