Random action ? - posted previously

Hi There…

I’ve posted this a few times before and have managed to get ahead slowly with everyone’s contributing help, (which I appreciate greatly).

I’ve been trying to get this random action thing to work on these 15 “cards” that rotate from front to back. The front has people’s faces while the back shows a color with some of their hobbies.

The animation is all laid out for the “flipping” of the card and I’ve been working on something to get them to flip around one by one. The idea is that when the page loads, after a few seconds of inactivity, they start to flip randomly.

Right now, it works, kind of. What’s happening is that it’s a bit fast, like one RIGHT after another, instead of maybe a 2-second pause perhaps so that it paces itself, what also happens is that the random action sometimes selects the same card after it’s been flipped to the back and takes it through the front-to-back flipping action. It should really rule it out if the card has already been turned.

Now I have this timer script set in for pauses, which apparently it’s not catching, (pauseFor(3);), which right now is set for 3 seconds, but could be a second less maybe. I also have the individual card movie clips featuring the animation and some small script within it to determine whether the card is actively on the front or the back.

Within each card is this script, which is supposed to check whether a card has been flipped and then told to go perform the random action again, and this maybe is causing part of the problem.

if (_root.box1.backSide = true){

However, without this, only one card flips on the start of the flash load and it goes nowhere else.

Ideally, once all 15 cards are flipped, I’d like to get them to “reset” and all flip back to the front side once complete or at least stop the random action and reset it if it senses mouse activity. I haven’t gotten to that point since I’m dealing with just slowing down the pace and also the random selecting a “next” card instead of the “same” card until all 15 cards have been flipped.

Since my file is 239kb, (larger than the required upload), I’m posting it to my website for download.


Any help is appreciated.