Random BG Imges Like Nike Site

I am desinging my new site and I really would like to have my backgroudn images change in flsadh every time the user refreshes the page. A great example is nike’s site.


Any 1 have a clue? Cuz I dont


you could have the .jpg’s in an array… :slight_smile:

var imgs = ["image1.jpg", "image2.jpg", "etc", "etc"];

Try this…




there’s a tutorial here at kirupa!! i didn’t know that. =)

thanks guys, i love this forum someone is always so willing to help:)

yeah… i love it too. :love: :stuck_out_tongue:

omg TobyDog that tut was great. I recommend it to every1. and it was really really simple. i cant believe its that easy…

I just checked that tute, and it’s slightly wrong.

there’s a line somewhere that says
[AS] choice = math.round(math.random()*5)[/AS]

that should be changed to:

[AS] choice = math.floor(math.random()*6)[/AS]

Senocular says why here.