Random image in backgroud

Hello! Im developing a website and I want that each time someone enters the site or refreshes the home page, a new image shows randomly in the background.
Any help???

thanks, jusko

this flash or html?

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its in html… but its better if its done in flash???

no its jjust i’m not good with pictuees and html so i can’t tell you how ot do that, sorry

you could link to a php page for the background, send headers in the php that tells it that it’s an image, and also return a random image :wink:

yea, you’ll have to use php. Somethign with rand. Have the background images named numbers, like 1.gif 2.gif 3.gif then have:

$pic = rand(1,3);


<body style="background: url('<?=$pic; ?>.gif');">

well that works too… and is shorter :smiley: