Random depth, speed, and y-coord

im trying to make a movie that has a title slide in from the left, and then have little gradient fill bars fly across in the background. the bars should have random depth, varying speed would be great, and random y-coords a must.

can anyone help me with this?


like this site’s main logo (just the gradient thing):


And by depth, do you mean size?

'Cause if so, I think I can help.


almost EXACTLY like that, only i want the sliding things to be just a bit bigger in height and a touch smaller in width. as for depth, i mean like the perspective tutorial, the one with the starfield, not the moving one.

Allright, well that’s dealing with alpha and _xscale/_yscale. Did you also want the perspective part to follow the mouse around while your movieClips travel across the way? That’ll be a little super-processor intensive.

no, no mouse follow

sory no explanation gtg, here’s a fla… should help

thats great, i can play around with the depth and tweak the bars a little bit and it will be perfect. Thanks!