Random movement help

I tried following the tutorial for the random movement action and have a couple of questions.

  1. Does the first set of code (long one starting with the function) go in a frame of the main timeline, and the smaller set of code (onClipEvent) go in the action of the actual movie clip object in the library?
  2. I’m trying to run float text in and make it appear to be diminshing away and when it gets small enough have it randomly move around until I get all the other objects I’m trying to do the same thing with on the screen, all moving around randomly. So I copied my graphic object that I was simply animating on the timeline and used it to create a movie clip object. Can I have the random motion start say, frame 50 and run to frame 300, then stop? I’d rather do this with all of them than have to create motion guides for all of them! I can’t seem to figure it out…Thanks for all help

Does anyone know how to get the random movement to stop? I got each one of the objects starting to move when I want them to, but now to stop?

Set up a button that will reset all the enterFrames of the clips. Or in the EnterFrame, check a flag controlled by a button. Something like that in pseudo-code:

//on the button:
on (press){

// on the clips
onClipEvent (EnterFrame){
    if (!noPlay) move();

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