Random Movement - User Intervention

Kinda of new to all this Flash stuff and need some help working on an animation.

I want to have four circles move around the screen randomly. When the user moves his mouse over a circle, I would like it to stop and be bale to use it as a link.

I have used the Flash MX script off the site and can get the circles to move about fine. Just haveing some problems getting them to stop when the mouse is moved over them, and making them into links.

Could anyone maybe get me started?



What script do you use to achieve the random motion?

Anyway, the most important here is to work with functions. Doing so, you’ll be able to change very easily the behaviour of your clips:


pom :asian:

If you’re not sure about the dynamic event handlers, check out the tutorial at:


Great link, flex :stuck_out_tongue: By the way, don’t you have AS tricks you want to share? I’m running out of ideas…

I’m still posting off fla’s here and there, modifying people’s work, etc - trying to help out people stuck or starting out. Most of my AS tips are games design - I’ll leave the funky tornado effects to you!

But I will hopefully be putting up some other useful tutorials too. I know what the frequent questions here are so I’ll base them around that.

I used the script below to setup the random motion.


Any ideas how I go about adding the extra code you gave me?

Instead of putting onClipEvent (enterFrame){move();} in the clip, put this in the main timeline:


pom :asian:

Ilyas - I’ve done a quick new tutorial - it’s posted.