Random Movement with Multiple Objects and other bits

Hey all,

I haven’t done to much with random motion but found the tutorial on the site great. It’s at http://www.kirupa.com/developer/actionscript/random_motion.htm.

The effect I’d like to get is slow random movement, scale and opacity of say five different symbols across the stage. Not varying scale and opacity, just the initial states. Imagine filling the sceen with slowly moving objects.

I have a couple questions as I muck about with the code.

First off, is it possible to move all the code to the initial frame? As it is now in the tutorial, it’s mostly an onClip Event within the symbol. I like to keep all the code together. Of course, that might make my next problem a little more difficult.

I’d like to randomly move multiple symbols and also randomly chnage the size and the opacity. I’m not quite sure how to set limits other than clumsy if…then statements. For example, so the opacity ranges from 10% to 60%. With the code located in the symbol, I just copy the code to each symbol and make changes. It works but feels like it’s far too much coding and could be done a lot more succinctly all in once place.

If anyone has any links to good tutorials or has a project they could post I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!