Random movie slideshow - so close but yet so far


I have a library of about 70 movie clips of company logos that fade in and fade out…I wanted to make a sort of ‘random slideshow’ of all the move clips, so I went ahead and copied the actionscript code for a timer that would (ideally) delay the time that it takes for the next clip to load.

Problem is, the timer starts up first thing rather than after a clip has played, and the clips then play at the same time.

The actionscript is on frame one of the Flash movie (there are about 70 clips, for the example I’m working on I’m just using 3 to start with):

function wait() {
for (i=25; i<=27;) {
_root.attachMovie(“my”+i+"_clip",“new”+i+“clip”, i);

myTimer = setInterval(wait, 4000);

Are there any suggestions?