Get Timer () Problem - New to flash

Hi there sorry if this is a really stupid question but I just can’t make this really simple thing work!

Basically I have 5 movie clips on the stage that I want to all fade up sequentially (and I’m determined to use actionscript rather than tweens to do it!) :nerd:

I want the Background image _root.casual to load when the clip loads (which works fine!) and the other clips (text1 - text4) to load sequentially every three seconds until they are all loaded.

I created a variable for the timer and I also created a function to make the movies fade up.

As you will probably see the original movie loads up but the next four won’t do it. I have a feeling it’s because of the ‘if’ line because it will only work at the moment the timer var = 3000 but not when it is say 3001ms or something???

Anyway, i’ve searched around but can’t find the answer so thought I would post.

Any help very much appreciated.

//define timer var
var mytimer = getTimer();

//set all _alphas to zero
_root.casual._alpha = 0;
_root.text1._alpha = 0;
_root.text2._alpha = 0;
_root.text3._alpha = 0;
_root.text4._alpha = 0;

//define a function that will make each mov fade up to _alpha = 100
function bright(mov) {
    mov.onEnterFrame = function() {
        mov._alpha += 4;
//make casual fade up

//after 3 seconds make text1 fade up
if (mytimer == 3000) {
//after 6 seconds make text2 fade up
if (mytimer == 6000) {
// ....and so one if I could make the bloody work!